Pack Up Your Sorrows

Producers: Ezzie Films & BlueStar Media
Post Production: Mark Herd, Montara Post


This documentary follows Meg Hutchinson as she learns to live a healthy life with Bipolar Disorder. Through her eyes, viewers will explore different aspects of mood disorders, how families try to deal with the illness in their midst, the biology of these diseases of the brain, and the effects of traditional and alternative therapies like medication and meditation. Viewers will learn, as Meg has, that these illnesses of the brain are not a moral failing or a character weakness, and that treatment options are improving.

Excerpt 1

In this clip from the documentary Meg Hutchinson speaks of her early bouts of depression, and one of her most upsetting episodes.

Excerpt 2

In this clip from the documentary Meg Hutchinson travels to San Francisco to speak with Sgt. Kevin Briggs, the so-called "Guardian of the Golden Gate."